A possession is something we own, like a house, a car, or a new pair of shoes. But what happens when someone you know and love considers you their possession?



"Emotional, Psychological Vampire"

Claudia says she's fed up with her mother, Bernice's, possessive behavior around her and her children. She says Bernice questions her every decision, undermines her, and makes her feel like a failure.   


"My mother thinks that my kids are her kids."



Fleeing the Country?

Claudia's husband, Thomas, says he's tired of being the peacekeeper, and if things don't change, he'll move his family to Ireland. Bernice says her grandchildren are her life and if she loses them, she'll die. 


"I need those kids just to keep on going."



Living in the Past

Bernice says she endured her husband's abuse for 20 years and protecting her children is ingrained in her. Can she let go of the past before it destroys her relationship with Claudia? 



Will Claudia finally stand up to her mother?