Do sex differences have your relationship out of sync? Dr. Phil reminds couples that relationships are negotiated, and so is sex.




Leigh and Jill are engaged and say there's only one thing missing from their relationship: kisses! Jill says kissing causes her anxiety, and she prefers to bite. Leigh says he longs for a romantic make-out session, but all he gets are bruises.


Will Leigh get to kiss his bride on their wedding day?



Chez Christy

After four years of marriage and two kids, Christy says sex is just another job for her. Her husband, Ben, wants sex every day, so he's come up with a solution: a sex menu. He orders what sex act he wants and then pays Christy accordingly.


"Rump Roast costs $100. Definitely worth the money."



Foot Fetish 

What should a man do when he loves to paint his toenails but is afraid his friends just won't understand?   




Dr. Phil answers this anonymous letter.



Clean Talker

Christy, 20, can't bear to say or hear any word that sounds dirty or refers to certain body parts. Her friends try to get her to say them, but she's sticking to her policy of using terms like "baby feeders" and "pee-pee." 


Is Christy's censoring dysfunctional?



Sex Drive in Overdrive

Trina and Josh have been together for five years, but their sex life has not slowed down. Trina says she thinks about sex all day long and wants it whenever she can get it. Josh says her sex drive drives him crazy.   


Trina's strong sexual appetite even led to an affair.