They're slapped, beaten and bruised. Sometimes, the violence doesn't end until they're dead. Every day in the United States, at least three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. Dr. Phil's guests say they fear for their lives and need an intervention before it's too late.


Ryan's Rage

Michelle says her boyfriend, Ryan, flies off the handle over the smallest issues. She reveals that he began hitting her when she was pregnant with their son. Ryan says Michelle is 90 percent to blame for his anger.


 What's at the root of Ryan's wrath? 



Like Father, Like Son?

Ryan says he can't control his anger because, as a child, his dad was physically and verbally abusive to him. Ryan's mother, Leslie, worries that Ryan may be passing violence down to his own son.


How a parental legacy can impact a family.



Blinded by Love?

Linda says her fiancé, Eddie, shot her in the eye and nearly killed her when she threatened to leave him. Her mom, Jody, says she's sickened that Linda still cares for the man who almost took her life.

"You were present at a premeditated murder!"

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