Recently, Michelle came on the show with a plea for help finding her missing daughters. Join Dr. Phil on an incredible journey in search of the two missing girls, Allene, 13, and Mollie, 15, who were abducted by their father a year ago. Dr. Phil put private investigator Harold Copus on the case. Follow him as he travels thousands of miles away from the U.S. through the jungles of a Third World country. Will this global search lead to the girls' recovery? Who has them and, more disturbingly, for what purpose?



Into the Jungle
Harold travels with religious community leader Peter Hoover to the southern tip of Belize, where clues indicate Mike and the girls might be hiding out among a group of local Mennonites. 

Can Mike re-enter the States without being arrested?  


A Father's Faith
When Michael and the girls arrive on American soil in Miami, Dr. Phil meets with Michael right away. Learn what he tells Dr. Phil about how he ended up in Belize. 

"Jesus told us, 'If you are persecuted in one city, flee to another.'"  


Bonnets, Buggies and Belize
After their incredible journey, Dr. Phil meets with Mollie and Allene, alone. Find out how they feel about high school, running with their father, and the idea of living with their mother.   

"This makes me happy. It makes me be me."


A Mother's Relief
Dr. Phil meets privately with the girls' mother, Michelle. Find out what she wants to see happen to Michael and how she feels about seeing her daughters for the first time in a year. 


Her girls are home, so why is Michelle still angry?

The family drama continues.

See how Mollie and Allene are doing now.

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