The tense family drama continues. Dr. Phil sent private investigator Harold Copus thousands of miles through three countries, including the jungles of Belize, to find 15-year-old Mollie and 13-year-old Allene, who were abducted by their father one year ago.
Find out how the girls disappeared, in Missing.
Catch up on Part 1 of the search.



Tearful Reunion
Emotions run high as Allene and Mollie see their mother, Michelle, for the first time in a year. Clearly, Michelle is elated, but how do the girls feel about being back home?


"Want to come see me for a while?"



Chilly Confrontation
Dr. Phil joins Michael and Michelle for their first meeting since Michael abducted their children. Dr. Phil says, "You could cut the tension with a knife." 


"I'm still not confident that you wouldn't run again." 



A Help or a Hindrance?
Hutterite religious leader Peter Hoover speaks openly with Dr. Phil. How much did he know about Michael's whereabouts the first time he appeared on the show?


Did Peter help Michael carry out the abductions?



Answering to the Law
Harold escorts Michael to Ford County, Illinois to turn himself in to authorities. Before he enters the court, Michelle gives Michael a surprise he doesn't appreciate.


"I'm really disappointed at what happened today."



Happy Homecoming?
After a year without video games, television, or any of the diversions typical teenagers enjoy, the girls go back home and begin the process of adjusting. How will they deal with their return to American teenage life?

Will they want to live with Michelle, or with Michael?



See how the girls are doing now.

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