A stay-at-home mother says she can't control her rage, and she takes it out on her kids. Dr. Phil intervenes for the sake of her five precious children.



Raging Mom Caught on Tape

Karen calls herself a "screaming banshee" and admits to degrading her kids daily. Cameras in her home capture alarming footage of Karen's rage toward her children and the abuse she doles out to her 10-year-old son, Brandon.


"This happens at least every other day."



Horrified Husband?

Karen's husband, Jim, says his wife is not an angry person and is generally "very easy going." He has no idea what happens while he's at work. He sits down with his wife and Dr. Phil to see the home camera footage for the first time.


"He'll be shocked. It's definitely my little secret."



How the Kids Cope

Can Karen put herself in her son's shoes? Dr. Phil highlights some of the most disturbing parts of Karen's meltdown caught on tape. And, see how their 3-year-old twins are coping with Karen's anger.


"I think he's being tortured, and I think he's pleading for mercy."



The Brunt of Her Anger

Brandon and his sister, Shayna, open up about what life is like under their mother's wrath. Plus, a revelation about their father and how he disciplines them.  



"It's called the Thou Shalt Not stick."



Heart-to-Heart Chat with the Kids

Dr. Phil sits down with Brandon and Shayna to give them some peace of mind about their mother and to tell them how life will soon be changing in their household.



Two amazing children.