Classic Dr. Phil

Do you have a nosy loved one in your life snooping through your things, questioning your every move and driving you crazy? Dr. Phil has advice.



Backyard Buttinsky

Carla, 31, says she's tired of her mother, Pamela, tracking her every move, reading her mail and meddling in her business. Pamela says keeping an eye on her daughter is her job. She even cut down Carla's hedges so she could see better!


"I'm just being a loving mother."



Spousal Snooping

Christie says she's obsessed with snooping on her husband, Shannon. She looks through his wallet, smells his clothes and interrogates him every day to see if he's unfaithful. Shannon says he has no privacy and is close to leaving his wife.


Driving her husband to do the very thing she fears most.



My House = My Rules 

Denise has four teens in her house, and she spies on all of them " even when they're asleep! She searches through their bedrooms, digs in their garbage, and listens in on their phone calls. Her kids say she needs to butt out!


Is Denise crossing the line?