Dr. Phil cuts to the chase and leaves his guests with a new perspective on their peculiar behaviors.



What's Up, Pussycat?
Is it normal to care for more than 15 cats? Susan's boss thinks so. Her father agrees and is afraid the felines will give him bubonic plague!



See what Dr. Phil has to say.


Can't Get Over the Guilt
Lisa still feels guilty for putting her dog to sleep almost 30 years ago. She asks Dr. Phil if her feelings are normal.




Dr. Phil's answer will surprise you.



Workaholic Husband
Patti asks, "Is it normal for my husband to work six days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day, every week?"




Dr. Phil can relate and offers his advice.

Did Andy change his ways?



Trashy Behavior
Sean, 17, is sick of his mother, Linda, digging through his trash in order to get the "dirt" on his activities.



View their story.


A Secret Wave?
Viewers wrote in asking about the unique wave that Dr. Phil gives at the beginning of every show. Is this a quirk? A mysterious signal?




Dr. Phil explains.