Dr. Phil revisits the story that captivated America. At 21, Brandon was immersed in drug addiction and prone to violent outbursts that scared his family and left them worried that he wouldn't live to see 22 years of age. After a year of sobriety, the last place place his family wanted to see Brandon was behind bars — but that's exactly where his disease has taken him.

Catch up on Brandon's story.



A New Low

Soon after Brandon started college, he began to show signs of using drugs again. See what he and his family have been going through the past couple months.  



A mother's worse nightmare.



A New Life

Dr. Phil travels to the Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas to talk to Brandon behind bars. Does black tar heroin have a hold on him? Plus Brandon reveals how a drug addict beats the system.


"Every time I tried to stop I got so sick."



Strain in the Home

Drug addiction affects not only the addict, but his or her entire family. Dr. Phil looks at the toll it takes on Brandon's family and his parents' marriage.



"There is a wall that I cannot penetrate."



You may write to Brandon at:


Harris County Jail
701 N San Jacinto
Houston, TX 77002