Are you married to a man who doesn't know how good he has it? Do you cook, clean, take care of the kids, and does he still take you for granted? 



"Chauvinist Pig"

Amy is sick and tired of her husband, Greg, treating her like a slave instead of an equal. She says if she doesn't start getting some respect, their marriage is over. Greg says he's the "king" and his wife should just get used to it.


"If she would just do what I say, there would be no problem."



A Walk in His Wife's Shoes

Dr. Phil recruits three strong married women to move in with Greg and give him a taste of his own medicine. For three days, Greg takes orders from the women and experiences life from Amy's point of view. 


Turning the tables on "Mr. Macho."




Greg and Amy haven't seen each other in over a week. Has Greg learned anything from his role-reversal experience? 



"I've excelled at everything you've put me through."



Amy's Mission

While Greg was busy with his new wives, Dr. Phil sent Amy to a women's empowerment event for a confidence and self-esteem boost. How did she do when asked to leap off a tall platform, break a board with her hand and walk on fire?


Now, will Amy be able to stand up to Greg?



Has Greg changed? See their follow-up.

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