Whenever Dr. Phil walks down the street, people ask: "What's going on with Marty, Erin, Alex and Katherine?" He follows up with his divided family, and also with the anorexic bride whose husband ended their marriage over the phone.



Catch up on their turbulent journey.


"I Feel Like a Juggler in the Circus"

Fifteen-year-old Alex was having a baby, and her pregnancy was destroying her family. See what she has accomplished in three years and get an update on her son, Nathan.   


The trials of being a single mom.

Mad at Mom

Marty hasn't seen his mother in years and still harbors rage and bitterness toward her. Now that she's in frail health, he's faced with another dilemma.


Find out his burning question for Dr. Phil.

Still a Rebellious Teen?

Alex's younger sister, Katherine, felt anger and resentment about Alex's pregnancy and the constant chaos in her parents' marriage. She started acting out in school, and the family feared she would end up like her sister. 


How is Katherine coping?

A Gift for Great Work

Alex has worked hard at balancing motherhood, school and work. Learn what amazing surprise Dr. Phil has in store for her! 



"You have stepped up to be the mom you needed to be."

Single and Satisfied?

When April was last on the show, she was recovering from anorexia, and struggling with the fact that her husband dumped her over the phone.  


How is she adjusting to life as a single woman? 

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