With the Internet right in your home, pedophiles have an easy way to make contact with your children. The only way to protect your kids from predators is to know how, when and where they operate. Dr. Phil uncovers the secret strategies of sexual predators.


"Dark Side of the Net"

Dr. Phil teams up with former Detective Sergeant Rob Nickel to perform a serious and potentially dangerous undercover operation: to out a sexual predator working the Internet.


"The same way they do it with the kids, I do it with the pedophiles."

Note: Contains graphic content not suitable for children.


Authorities Intervene

Follow the surprising turn of events when Dr. Phil gets the Las Vegas police involved.


Did the police miss a significant opportunity?

Note: Contains graphic content not suitable for children.



Unleashing the Family Watchdog

With over 750,000 predators on the Internet, wouldn't you like to know who might be living on your block, in your neighborhood, possibly right next door?


Dr. Phil shows you how to find out, right from your own home. 


An Open Door into Your Home

Social networking Web site MySpace.com boasts 73 million members, many of whom are kids. When a Dr. Phil producer sets up a fake MySpace account posing as a 15-year-old girl, you won't believe the response she gets.


Could a sexual predator target your kids on MySpace? 



MySpace Mom

A concerned mom takes MySpace into her own hands. Learn her sneaky strategy for keeping tabs on her kids, and see how far they are willing to go online.


Who is Candy Sweetness?



In a Haze No More

What does it do to a young girl to have a grown-up she trusts take advantage of her? Ashley reveals how a charismatic man, well trusted by the community, began sexually assaulting her at 14. 


"I just needed to hear someone say, 'I love you.'"

Extra Content

Staying Safe in a Wired World

by Rob Nickel

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