The statistics are staggering. One in three women will become the victim of domestic violence. She could be your next door neighbor, your friend, your coworker. To the outside world their lives seem normal, but behind closed doors they live a nightmare of intimidation and abuse. After years of violence, one woman has reached the point of no return.



House of Pain

Throughout her seven-year marriage, Kerry has suffered physical and emotional torture at the hands of her husband. Like many women, she has lived in fear, isolated from any help or support.


"I was being strangled, lifted in the air and slammed to the ground."



A Run for Her Life 

With her husband, Matt, away at a job fair, Kerry sees an opportunity to escape. While Dr. Phil's private investigators keep tabs on Matt, she scrambles to gather her belongings. 


Can Kerry get away before her husband returns?



Reflections on Rage

Dr. Phil goes head to head with Kerry's abusive husband and confronts him about the excuses he makes for terrorizing his own wife. 



Is something from Matt's childhood behind his abusive ways?



Courtroom Confrontation

Kerry goes before a judge and comes face to face with her husband for the first time since her escape. Will she get the protective order she needs to keep Matt away from her? 


"I'm terrified that he could actually kill me."