An engagement symbolizes a commitment you make to one special person. But Dr. Phil's guests are accused of the ultimate betrayal: cheating on their spouse-to-be right before walking down the aisle.



"It Has Consumed Me"

Melanie says she's obsessed with catching her fiancé, Mike, in the act. She constantly checks his e-mails and phone records, and even flew to another town while he was on a business trip to see if he was being unfaithful. 


Will Melanie's mission backfire on her?



Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Nicole called off her wedding when she discovered that her spouse-to-be, John, had sex with another woman one month before their big day. John blames his affair on "hormones" and desperately wants to reconcile.


Should Nicole take him back, or cut her losses and move on?