This year, Americans will spend more than $90,000,000,000 on beer, wine and spirits. Jake and Shellye know firsthand about alcohol addiction. This suburban couple seems to have it all, but they're hiding a dangerous secret.



A Couple on the Brink

Shellye admits that she and her husband, Jake, are heavy drinkers. She says that Jake has been physically abusive to her, and that she fears for the safety of their three children. 


"Our lives are in total chaos." 



An Intervention

Dr. Phil pays a house call to Shellye and Jake, and they confess to risky behavior while under the influence of alcohol. 



"I am the worst mother in the world. I am at rock bottom."



A New Beginning

Shellye admits to Dr. Phil that alcohol has a tight grip on her. He sends her to New River Cove Treatment Center in Belize, where Jake reluctantly joins her.  



"I felt manipulated. I felt angry."



Back from the Edge?

Dr. Phil follows up with the couple after their four weeks in the treatment center. Are they on the road to recovery? 



Find out why Shellye landed in jail.

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