If you fear you could hurt your own children in a fit of rage or know someone who is in danger of acting out, don't miss this show. Dr. Phil explains how you can deal with your anger before you start to lose control.



Could you ever lose control and physically harm your own child? Dr. Phil talks to moms who feel rage and are on the verge of physically harming their children.



View their stories.

Update: See how Chrystel is doing today.

How to Cope
Can you identify with these moms? If so, you need to take action when you experience the very first signs of rage.


Dr. Phil's suggests that you follow these five steps.


When a parent is about to lose control, there are things children can do to calm their parents down. Dr. Phil suggests placing some blue light bulbs in the house that can be used as a cue from child to parent. Whenever your child senses that you are about to lose it, he/she can turn on the light as a signal.

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