Meeting the love of your life in a bar is no longer your only option. Every month, 61 million people log on to dating Web sites. If you're still searching for the one, try fishing with a net " the Internet!



Too Much Junk Male

Deb, 40, says she can't figure out why she only gets responses from men in their 20s who are just looking for sex. What is she doing wrong?  


"There's a definite art to how you present yourself on the Internet."

Staying Safe in Cyberspace

Jeanne is recently divorced and hasn't dated in over 20 years. She says the prospect of meeting strangers on the Internet scares her to death! Just how does a woman stay safe and protected? 


Get Dr. Phil's crucial advice for safety in cyberspace.



Conquer the Dating World

Dr. Phil joined with to create MindFindBind™ a program designed to put you in the right frame of mind, help you refine your dating skills and teach you how to move forward in your relationship.  


Some eligible singles try it out.

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