As the end of the Dr. Phil show's fourth year approaches, Dr. Phil checks in with some of his most memorable guests.



Honeymoon's Over

Donny and Miranda were only married three months when they considered divorce because of problems with trust, communication and sex. During their talk with Dr. Phil, Donny was stunned to learn what his wife kept secret from him.


"The more I'm with her, the more I find out lies upon lies." 



Fighting over Mushrooms?

While participating in three days of newlywed challenges, Matt and Lindy couldn't get through a task without an explosive fight. After seeing themselves on the show, this couple made a decision.



"The camera does not lie."



Dreaming of Unconventional Sex 

Melissa and Spencer were married for six years before Melissa started to enjoy sex. Suddenly, she wanted it more often, and was constantly trying to get her spouse to spice it up. Spencer just wanted his wife to cool down.


"I feel like a piece of meat."



Unusual Dating Duo

Heather, 27, said there's a reason she's still single: her mother, Anita, tags along on all her dates! Anita said she loves being the third wheel and can probably pick a better match for Heather than Heather can. Dr. Phil put Anita to the test.


How did Heather's mom-free date go?



Baby Blues?

Lisa said she knew the minute her son was born that something was terribly wrong. She couldn't shake the feeling that she was going to harm her child. Horrific visions kept her afraid to be alone with her baby.


Finding help with postpartum depression.



Plastic Surgery Hopes

Carrie Ann, Kari and Nicole all had issues with their breasts and wanted to know if they were good candidates for cosmetic surgery. After pleading their cases, the girls got the thumbs-up from Dr. Phil.



Was it everything they expected?



Black Hole of Clutter

John's family said his obsession with hoarding was tearing them apart. His junk had taken over the house and forced everyone to move out. John didn't think he had a problem, until he spoke with Dr. Phil and found out where it came from.


A 30-ton weight was lifted.



On Her Own

After a 16-year battle with anorexia, Kathy was just 68 pounds and near death when she met Dr. Phil. Now, after several treatment programs, Kathy is living on her own and in charge of preparing her own meals.


You won't believe what she looks like now!



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