Does your spouse pressure you to do household chores a certain, precise way? If your spouse doesn't follow your orders, do you feel the tempurature rising on your temper? These guests say they're tired of living under the thumb of a domestic dictator.



A Husband Unraveling?

Since their last appearance, Kelly says her husband, Grant, has been over-spending, losing his temper, and becoming secretive and paranoid. Grant says he can't sleep at night and feels a separation would help him get it together.


What does Dr. Phil think?



The Grass is Greener on Grant's Side

Grant's family says he doesn't know how good he has it. They think Kelly does a wonderful job and Grant needs to lighten up. Dr. Phil delves into why Grant is unhappy and coming undone. 


"I think we have to do some evaluation."



Smothered Husband Speaks Out

Clete and Michelle's seven-year marriage was going smoothly ... until Clete started voicing his opinion. He says his wife controls his life, from what to wear to how much money he can have, and he can't take it anymore.


"I'm afraid we're going to get divorced, but sometimes the idea makes me happy."


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