Do you have a secret that you haven't told anyone " not your spouse, not your family, not even your best friend? These guests are ready to come clean to their loved ones.



Web of Lies

Will knows his wife, Jessica, loves to snoop on people, but what he doesn't know is how far she goes to find dirt on him. Jessica reveals her secret spy techniques, which involve posing as her husband and tracking down his exes.


"I think knowledge is power."



Raging in the Aisles

Gina says she's known to be a calm, laid-back mom with a sunny disposition, but as soon as she steps into a grocery store, she turns into a raging beast! Read her outrageous antics as she takes out her anger on unsuspecting shoppers.


"I use my cart as a battering ram."



Bogus Baker

To her friends and family, Colleen is known as the "world's best cook." Her homemade specialties have been wowing people for 12 years. Colleen says she can't live her lie anymore and is ready to give up her con.


"My version of homemade is a rip, tear and a pour."



A Triple Life

Christina says she was shocked when she discovered her boyfriend, Greg's, secrets. Not only did he have another girlfriend, but he had a wife too! Now, Greg says he's a one-woman man, but Christina is still suspicious. Should she stay?


"Outside of that, we have a phenomenal relationship."


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