The FBI estimates that there is one child molester per square mile in the United States. Could that predator be in your home? Could he be your husband, your father, or your trusted friend?



Affectionate or Inappropriate?

Kitty considers reconciling with her ex-husband, James, but worries that he may have inappropriately touched his 15-year-old daughter. James says he's just showing love toward his child, but Kitty is making him look like a pervert.


Is Kitty overreacting, or is James crossing the line?



Divided Loyalties
Trista's ex-boyfriend, Aaron, was accused of molestation by her 5-year-old female cousin. Aaron says he is innocent and will do anything to prove it. Trista has trouble believing him and refuses to reconcile until she knows the truth.


"I'll do anything it takes to clear my name."


Married to a Pedophile

Elizabeth says her husband of nearly 20 years destroyed a once normal life when he used their 8-year-old daughter as bait to molest her male friends. Now that he's in prison, Elizabeth is faced with challenging questions from her daughter.


"I'm plagued with fear, worry and guilt."