It was the costliest and most destructive natural disaster in the history of the United States. When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, it devastated entire communities, most notably along the coastlines of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. New Orleans suffered overwhelming damage when the storm surge breached the levees, flooding a large portion of the city. Dr. Phil travels back to the city, one year after the devastation.



Asking the Hard Questions

Dr. Phil meets with the director of FEMA, David Paulison, and tours a trailer park, addressing concerns of New Orleans residents still struggling to get on their feet.



"This isn't a place to raise a family."



A Family Falling Apart 

Stephanie and Brent enjoyed a picture-perfect marriage before the hurricane hit. Now they struggle to hold their marriage together while trying to rebuild their lives and deal with the post-traumatic stress on their 2-year-old daughter.


They survived, but will their marriage?



Still a War Zone

Dr. Phil tours the Lower Ninth Ward, a community that was decimated when the levees broke. New Orleans Police Chief Warren Reilly joins him to give an update on the levees and the state of his police force.


"It's like a Third World country. No power, no light, no water."



Honoring the Heroes

Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, host a benefit concert to honor New Orleans' first responders. Brian McKnight, Brooks and Dunn, Jeff Foxworthy and Allen Toussaint work their magic for a sold-out crowd and put the spotlight back on New Orleans. 

The stars turn out for the city of New Orleans!

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