Imagine this: Your teen daughter has run away to be with a much older guy. Two teenage girls ran away from home to be with their boyfriends, and now their parents want to rebuild their troubled relationships with their daughters.



Searching for Brittney

Heidi realized that her pregnant 16-year-old daughter, Brittney, had run away after she didn't return home one Sunday night. It's been one month, and Heidi has done extensive research but has not been able to find her daughter.


"He totally ruined her life."



The Hunt is On

In order to help Heidi find Brittney, the Dr. Phil show arranged for Private Investigator and former FBI agent, Harold Copus, to work on the case.



"We may have a violent situation."



The Road to Recovery

After two months in the Youth Care, Inc. program, has Brittney made any progress? And, how is her relationship with her mother? 



"When I first came to Youth Care, I was very confused."



"Living Here Is Like Living in Hell."

Kim, 15, has run away from home six times in the last year. In her most recent run, she went halfway across the country to be with her married boyfriend. Her parents, Laura and Rodney, say they're at the end of their rope.


What can this family do to get things back on track?

Extra Content

If you are a teenager thinking of running away from home or you have already run away, here are some resources to help you get back home: