Imagine living in isolation without money, TV, cars, or contact with your family. That's what Dr. Phil's guests say they were forced to do in a bizarre religious sect.



Generals for God

Maura brought her daughter, Rebekah, with her to the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps when Rebekah was 12. Now, the mother and daughter say members of the cult abused children and belittled adults who defied authority.

See their chilling tale of cult life.



A Mom in Mourning

Paula hasn't seen her daughter, Stacy, in 10 years, and says Stacy cut her off when she joined the Aggressive Christianity Mission Training Corps. Paula maintains that her daughter was brainwashed and emotionally kidnapped.


Paula travels to the sect in search of Stacy. 


Life on the Outside

When they last appeared on the show, Fawn B. and her friend, Fawn H., had recently escaped a polygamist cult. Fawn B. has been excelling in school, but Fawn H. dropped out, ran away and has experimented with sex.

Dr. Phil stages an intervention for the troubled teen. 


Get caught up on the Warren Jeffs story:

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