Have you ever wanted revenge on an ex-lover? How far would you go to get it? Dr. Phil's guests' revenge tactics range from telling all about their ex online to exposing a former lover in front of millions of people.




Women Tell All to Get Revenge

Tasha created a Web site for scorned women to post complaints about their ex-boyfriends. Todd is suing Tasha and two women who posted on her Web site saying they have no right to post damaging accusations about him. They meet face to face for the first time on stage!


"I don't know whether or not the statements made on my Web site are true or false. That's not my job."



Hi-Tech Revenge

Earlier this year, Fonda wreaked revenge on an ex-boyfriend using Tasha's Web site. Her posting says that he was married, liked pornography and was interested in having a three-way with her and another man.


What was Fonda's motive?



Ready for Revenge?

Ashley's boyfriend, Corey, cheated on her three times that she knows about. Now, she says she wants to take revenge by exposing him to the world. Corey says that just weeks ago Ashley was the one begging him for sex.


"She just is hell-bent to make me pay."