Some of Dr. Phil's guests have a hard time hearing what he has to say. How are they after they've taken some time to cool down? Dr. Phil checks in.



185 Days

When Dr. Phil last spoke with Brandon, it took place behind bars. Brandon has been on a rollercoaster of drug addiction and recovery, and was serving time in jail for failing 10 drug tests in a row. Now, he's out of jail, but will it be for good?


Brandon starts over. 



"Hostile and Resentful"

When 16-year-old Amanda ran away, she crossed 10 state lines and ended up thousands of miles away with her boyfriend. Dr. Phil's investigator tracked her down, but bringing her home and keeping her there was a challenge.  


Where is she now?



"I Am the Greatest"

Greg was a self-proclaimed "chauvinist pig" who believed he was the king of his household. His wife, Amy, was tired of being treated like his servant and was ready to leave. Dr. Phil asked Greg to live in his wife's shoes for three days.


Is he still king of his castle?



Lifestyle Overhaul

Ed wanted to lose weight in time for his 34th wedding anniversary. Helen wanted to lose weight so she could wear a bathing suit to the beach for the first time in 30 years. How did they do on Dr. Phil's summer slim program?


See their transformation!



Dr. Phil and Robin's Summer Vacation

The McGraws stayed busy over the summer! They traveled across the country, doing everything from hosting events to receiving awards. Plus, Robin finished her first book!  


See what kept them busy.



The Point of No Return

Kerry suffered severe physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband throughout her seven-year marriage. Dr. Phil helped Kerry orchestrate an escape for her and her two young children.


Big changes are in store for this family!



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