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Accused Celebrity
Muhammad Ali's 26-year-old daughter, Hana, asks Dr. Phil to help her understand why she committed a crime. What's behind her actions?


Find out what Dr. Phil has to say.



Longing for Daddy
Tired of feeling hurt, Kami cut her father out of her life three years ago. Now she wants him back.




Dr. Phil helps Kami find her self-worth from within.



Too Emotional?
Michelle's sensitivity to everything is driving her family crazy. She even cried while watching Shrek!




Dr. Phil helps Michelle find her personal truth. 



Appropriate for Little Boys?

Robbie's 5-year-old son loves to wear girl's clothes and play with Barbies. The mom is concerned that this behavior isn't normal.




Should she put away the dolls?



Dating Deal-breaker?

Kelly is worried about her boyfriend, Tim's, lack of ambition. She wants to encourage him to want more out of life than his $8/hour job offers.



Read more of Dr. Phil's advice on dating.