A woman receives an intriguing e-mail message with a handsome photo attached. Soon, she's falling for a man who tells her he loves her, but is stuck in Africa and needs money.  Nigerian scams targeting the lonely cost Americans more than $100,000 each day. Meet two women who get a wake-up call about the men they believe to be their soulmates.



It Began on IM

Dee-Dee responded to an invitation to chat online, and within weeks was in love with a New Yorker depending on her financial assistance to leave Nigeria. 


"We're lonely. We're both lonely."


"I'm in Love with the Idea of Him"

Annette is sure she's being scammed, but says she can't stop loving a man who claims to be strapped for cash and stranded in Africa.


"Rickell asked me for money nine times."


DrPhil.com Exclusive

After the show, the audience weighs in.


What you didn't see.