Planning a wedding can be a bonding experience for mothers and daughters, or it can turn into a battleground where they duke it out over everything from money to cake! Meet a bride who says she's uninviting her own mother to her wedding. Then, don't miss the exclusive, never-before-seen footage from Jay McGraw's wedding.



Uninviting Mom?

Cheri says the fighting between she and her daughter, Kristina, has reached a boiling point. Kristina says her mom is causing problems with her constant lying, and if things don't change, she doesn't want her coming to the wedding. 


Will Kristina make it down the aisle with her mom by her side?



The Fairy Tale Begins

Dr. Phil and Robin's oldest son, Jay, recently tied the knot. Learn how they met. And, what were Dr. Phil and Robin's first impressions of Erica? 



"I'm definitely ready to officially be a McGraw."



Girls Just Want to Have Fun

After the proposal, it was time to start planning the details of the event. Find out who designed the bridesmaids dresses, and go with the girls as they have their fitting.



The women go shopping.



The Big Day Arrives

With the help of an event designer and a small army of people, the day went off without a hitch! Plus, Jay's younger brother, Jordan, gives the newlyweds the surprise of a lifetime!  


"It's what every girl would dream of having!"


Watch as the McGraw home is transformed into a magical setting for exchanging vows.



Memories to Last a Lifetime

Take a look at more exclusive images from the big day.




Special moments captured on film.

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