A desperate grandmother sent Dr. Phil a video showing how her 3-year-old granddaughter, Kaylee, reacts when she returns from visits with her father. The disturbing footage raises questions about how Kaylee is being raised by both her father and mother.



Searching for Help

Krista and her mother, Bonii, say they only suspected Kaylee's father, Jeremy, of molesting Kaylee, until she ended up in the hospital with a mysterious injury. After that, they say, their fears were confirmed. 

"I feel like I'm taking her to her beheading."




Jeremy and his wife, Danielle, shot their own home video to show what their life is like with Kaylee. 



Does Kaylee act differently when she is at her father's house?



Time Out

Dr. Phil abruptly stops the show to have private one-on-one meetings backstage with Jeremy and Krista. 



"There is one crime that I have committed."



See the results of the polygraph exam.


See what happened in Part 3.


Find out the shocking twist in this case, and see where Jeremy is now.