How safe is your neighborhood? How secure is your home? On a quiet night in mid-May in beautiful Orange County, California, a couple was viciously attacked by a man with a hatchet while they slept in their bed. 



Night of Horror

Greg, Estela and their family lived in an ideal beach community, in what they believed to be a safe neighborhood, and a safe home. Their world crashed around them one night when an intruder chopped his way into their home.


Seeing murder in a madman's eyes.



The Aftermath

Greg and Estela each credit the other for their survival, and their love is stronger than ever, but they struggle to rebuild their lives while in constant fear.



"I'm just breaking into little pieces."




Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Greg and Estela haven't stepped inside their house at night since they vacated after the attack. Dr. Phil leads them back inside and traces the path of the intruder.  



Taking back their beautiful home.



Best Friends and Neighbors 

Billy and Anne Marie were there when their friends needed them, but now find themselves impacted by fear as well. Dr. Phil meets with the neighbors to see how they are dealing with the anxiety while trying to take back their neighborhood.


A community on the lookout.



Still at Large

A private investigator who has helped bring numerous fugitives to justice surveys the crime scene and gives his thoughts about the intruder's escape and the kind of person involved. 


"He wasn't there for any robbery motive."



If you have any information about this crime, please call the Orange County Sheriff's Department at (714) 628-7170.


Update: See Greg and Estella's remodeled and secure home!

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