Alan says he's being falsely accused  of a heinous crime, and his accuser is his own mother-in-law! She claims he molested his 3-year-old daughter. Who's telling the truth? Find out when Dr. Phil reads the results of Alan's polygraph exam. Can this family heal and move on?



Sleeping with the Enemy?

Gerri fears her son-in-law, Alan, is a danger to her daughter, Melissa, and her grandchildren, and says Melissa is in denial. She says she had no choice but to expose the alleged abuse to family services.


"I got this gut feeling of impending doom."



Standing Strong

Alan says he's disgusted by the allegation, and says Gerri is making him out to be a monster so Melissa will divorce him and move back home. Melissa says she's tired of being caught in this tug-of-war and stands by her husband.


"I ended up in jail. It was the worst night of my life."



Ironic Twist?

What happened in Melissa's childhood that is making this situation worse? Is Gerri taking action now because she feels guilty about the past? 



"I needed to know that it wasn't my fault."



The Truth is Revealed

Alan takes a grueling polygraph test, and Dr. Phil discloses the results. Is Alan a pedophile or is he the victim of malicious accusations made by his mother-in-law?



"I'm a little bit nervous."

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