During the hour this show airs, at least two people in the United States will be killed by drunk drivers and approximately 30 people will be injured in alcohol-related traffic accidents.



Drunk-Driving Daughter

Dottie is terrified that her 22-year-old daughter, Carly, will kill herself or someone else because her drinking is out of control, and she often gets behind the wheel when she's drunk. Carly says drinking makes her feel invincible.


"I need alcohol to get through my life."



A Beloved Brother, Son and Father

Clint was killed in a drunk-driving accident caused by his friend, Michael. Michael is now serving five to 11 years in prison, but wants Dr. Phil's help to get his sentence reduced. Clint's sisters, Heather and Sierra, weigh in.


See what Dr. Phil thinks about Michael's proposal.

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