Peggy was fed up with the chaos in her home caused by her twin teen boys'  behavior — yelling, tantrums, cursing, disrespect, fighting and the resulting strain on her marriage — so her solution was to divorce one of them! When the going gets tough, can you really just kick out your kids?


An Explosive Household

When Peggy and Kevin realized they had lost control of their 17-year-old sons, they filed court papers to emancipate one of them.

"I've pretty much given up on them. I can't go on like this."



Part of the Problem

Mike and Jason admit they fight all the time and contribute to the chaos in their family's home. But, they're not ready to give up on each other.

"We all need a little help. Yes, we fight all the time - most families do - but ours gets out of hand."


Creating Peace in the Home

Dr. Phil believes it's not too late for this family — they just need to learn new behavior to get on the right track.

"You've got to stop the noise before you can start the conversation."


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