Research shows that 70 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and 62 percent don't save regularly. Do you know that simple money mistakes you could be making can lead to homelessness?



Trapped and Struggling

Stacey is a single mom of two kids and she has another one on the way. She says she's on the verge of being homeless because her parents have kicked her out, and the deadbeat fathers of her children don't give her any child support.


"I'm having a baby, and I can't afford to take care of the kids I have."



Doing His Best? 

Pete, Stacey's ex-husband and the father of her second child, says Stacey has robbed him of being a plugged-in father. He thinks their son would be better off living with him.


Why doesn't Pete pay any child support now?



The Truth Comes Out

In a recent study, Las Vegas was rated the fifth most hostile city toward the homeless. The Dr. Phil show wanted to see how the homeless are really treated, so a staff member went undercover disguised as a street person.


What did the hidden camera capture?



Homeless but Hopeful

Manuel and Heather were living paycheck to paycheck when the money stopped rolling in, leaving them and their four children homeless.
For the last year, they have called their RV home; they have no electricity and take showers at public beaches.


Dr. Phil's surprise for this loving family.

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