After the incredible response to her new book, Inside My Heart, Robin is stopped wherever she goes by people wanting to know her opinion. Dr. Phil's better half weighs in on viewers' questions!



Who Should Control the Money?

Kasey says her husband, Nathan, takes the word "budget" to the extreme. Although they both contribute income to the family, Nathan has his wife on a strict allowance and keeps her locked out of the bank accounts.


Is Nathan controlling or is Kasey irresponsible?



Eighteen-Year Grudge

On their wedding day, Paul broke his promise to his wife, Linda, that he wouldn't smash the cake into her face. It's been 18 years and Linda still can't get over the feeling of betrayal. What can Paul do to help his wife forgive and forget?


"I cannot count the number of times I've apologized."



Pushover Mom

Shari admits she's a "doormat," unable to say no or stand up for herself. Her daughter, Kyla, wants her people-pleasing mother to learn assertiveness. Robin tests Shari to see how she'll respond to a rude and incompetent waiter.


Bad lemonade, the wrong food and poor service.



An Inspirational Woman

When Christy got diagnosed with breast cancer, her whole world changed. But instead of giving up, Christy chose to be true to herself and make her dreams a reality. See this survivor's story of living with passion and purpose!


"I'm actually thankful I got breast cancer."