Six individuals with different judgments and prejudices move into The Dr. Phil House together, with cameras capturing every move as they struggle to challenge their own beliefs and values. Gary is a white supremacist, and B. is an African-American who hates white people. Staci is thin and hates fat people, and John is over 600 pounds and hates skinny people. Christina fears and hates homosexuals, and Tessa is a lesbian who hates straight people. They all work together in various assignments from Dr. Phil. Will they break down the walls of hatred and intolerance and learn to accept one another?


Part 1 summary: After meeting each other, the group learn they will be rooming with the very person they dislike the most. Dr. Phil immediately gives them an assignment: to clean their roommate's belongings. While everyone dives into the task, John talks on the phone. Dr. Phil dubs Tessa "house leader" for the day, and John has to be her assistant. She immediately puts John to work, but when she orders him to take a shower, he refuses. Tessa withholds John's dinner, and John makes arrangements to leave.


Part 2 summary: Dr. Phil gives the group a much needed wake-up call. John agrees to stay in the house and honor his commitment. The house guests participate in exercises that challenge their personal space and force them to examine their inner values. Christina and Tessa sit down and share their experiences and their pain. Dr. Phil sends them rock climbing, where they have to trust each other with their lives. As they begin to bridge the gap, Dr. Phil helps them see that they're not so different after all.


Part 3 summary: Gary has to cook dinner for B. and her friends. Initially angry, he has an enlightening conversation at the dinner table. Then, with the help of Hollywood makeup artists, Gary is transformed into a black man. After some coaching from B., he heads to two different neighborhoods as an African-American male. Dr. Phil sends John and Staci to the gym for a workout, and then, after Staci gets a 300-pound makeover, the two head out into the public, so she can see what it's like to walk in John's shoes. After nine days of Dr. Phil's intense social experiment, these six individuals leave The Dr. Phil House with completely different perspectives and attitudes.


Dr. Phil checks back in with these guests.