Imagine not being able to say no to taking in stray cats or storing unnecessary scraps and "stuff." Two women are in conflict with their loved ones and friends over their tendency to collect in excess. 



Feline Fanatic

Kristy owns over 200 cats, and her neighbors, Dennis and Ray, say her property is a large, smelly litter box. These three were once friends but are now in a nasty and vindictive war over the furry creatures.


"I'm being hurt. I'm being harassed. I'm not going to be bullied."



"I'm a Keeper"

Mike says his wife, Lori, hoards everything from used envelopes to empty food and medicine jars. Lori says she "may need" these items one day. Mike is ready to take desperate measures to put a stop to this.


What's really behind Lori's habit for hoarding?

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