The damage done to their property by Hurricane Katrina was just the beginning. Julie and Robert, 78-year-old Marion, 74-year-old Lena and Lenny, 83, all say the contractors they paid to repair their homes left them high and dry.



Adding to Their Losses
Four families from the same neighborhood, all eager to rebuild their hurricane-ravaged houses, say they were taken for everything they had.

"I've used up all my money. I'm broke."

Former FBI Agent on the Trail

Harold Copus tracks down Paul, one of the owners of the construction company. But when Harold's colleagues attempt to serve legal papers to Paul, the contractor tries to turn the tables.

"You ain't looking for me, pal, I'm looking for you."

Studio Showdown
Dr. Phil has some tough questions and a challenge for Paul. 



"I am no longer involved in this - past, present or future."

Surprises All Around
Dr. Phil teams up with the DIY Network and a variety of companies to give Marion, Lenny, Lena, Julie and Robert something to smile about.

"I'm still pinching myself!"

Extra Content

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