Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "If I could lose five more pounds, I'd be perfect"? Darlene and Jennifer have been starving themselves in the name of perfection, but are they also killing themselves on their quest?



"I'm Just a Disease"

Darlene is 5'3" and 60 pounds. She walks for six hours a day and then performs 500 stomach crunches and 1,200 leg lifts so she doesn't have to worry about eating. Her twin sister, Marlene, says she's tried everything to get her sister help, but feels like she's fighting an uphill battle.


Could something from Darlene's past be at the root of her problem?



Final Days of Life?

Jennifer is 23, and weighs 63 pounds.  Food is such an enemy to her that it takes her up to two hours to eat as much as a tablespoon. Her parents say that she is a perfectionist who controls and manipulates their every move, and it's affecting their marriage.


"Eating for me is so taboo."



DrPhil.com Exclusive

An audience member shares her inspiring story of recovering from an eating disorder.





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