Do you know someone whose behavior always makes you raise an eyebrow? Dr. Phil helps his guests distinguish what's normal and what's not.



X-Rated Class Clown?

Kelly says she's tired of her husband, Scott's, jokes. She says they're inappropriate, obnoxious and rude. Scott admits that his jokes can be raunchy, but he loves being the life of the party. 


Will Kelly loosen up, or does Scott need to tone it down?



Hypochondriac or Vigilant Mom?

Vicki fears that she's dying and visits the doctor at least once a week. Her husband, Harvey, says she needs to stop worrying about her health or she's really going to make herself sick.

Is it all in Vicki's head, or does she have a reason to be afraid? 


Holidays from Hell?
Shelita refuses to celebrate the holidays because she says they're pagan festivals. Her sister, Akea, says she contradicts herself by accepting presents.


Is Shelita being unreasonable? 



The Spirit of Giving

Dr. Phil and Robin kick off their participation in the 2006 Toys for Tots holiday campaign! Every year, the Marines collect toys across the nation for needy children. 



Find out how you can get involved.

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