Krista, Bonii, Jeremy and Danielle's first appearance on Dr. Phil left many unanswered questions. After that show, three of the four agreed to take polygraph tests concerning child molestation accusations leveled against Jeremy. Now, they all return to learn the results. Has everyone been honest with Dr. Phil? What's next for this family?
See what happened on the first show.

See what happened in Part 3.

Find out the shocking twist in this case and see where Jeremy is now.


Asking Tough Questions
Bonii was concerned that her 3-year-old granddaughter, Kaylee, was being molested by her father. Dr. Phil had concerns about both sides of the family. Bonii, Jeremy and Kaylee's mom, Krista, all agreed to take lie detector tests.


"Shame on all of you for doing this."

Bonii and Krista's Results

Both Bonii and Krista say they will apologize to Jeremy if he passes his lie detector test.  However, they say they are being truthful, and that their polygraph test results will prove it.


"I have nothing to hide, and I'm ready to take this test."

Jeremy's Turn
Jeremy insists he will be vindicated by what is revealed by his polygraph test. But, he also says if he fails the test, the results won't matter to him.


"I'm a very good father, and this is going to show it."

Danielle Weighs In
Because she is seven months pregnant with Jeremy's child, Danielle could not take a lie detector test. What does she have to say about the matter?


"I don't know what to think."

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