In the shocking conclusion of a three-part series, Dr. Phil continues exploring details of the alleged molestation of 3-year-old Kaylee. Krista, Bonii, Jeremy and Jeremy's wife, Danielle, all return to hear the shocking polygraph results.


See what happened on the first show.
See the results of the polygraph exams.

Find out the shocking twist in this case and see where Jeremy is now.



A Dramatic Turn

Dr. Phil reflects on the stunning results of the polygraph exam. Is there something Jeremy will admit to doing that he is ashamed of? 


"That doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about you." 



Hope for the Future 

Dr. Phil warns both Krista and Jeremy not to keep Kaylee in a tug-of-war, and discusses what needs to take place with the 3-year-old now.  



"You have to calm down."


The Final Word

Howard Swabash, a highly skilled polygrapher, shares his thoughts about the outcome of the test.


"You have no doubt."

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