When it comes to dating, they say age is just a number. But what happens when the man is more than two decades older than his girlfriend, or the woman is 15 years older than her young lover?



True Love or Love of Money?

Sanjay, 40, is a rich surgeon who met 18-year-old Jacqueline on the Web site SugarDaddie.com. They've only been together for four months and are already talking marriage. Sanjay's friend, Mike, thinks Jacqueline's in it for the money. 

"It's a form of legal prostitution."  



Proud to Be a Cougar!
Ryan, 24, is engaged to Angela, a woman 15 years his senior. Ryan's friend, Donovan, fears that Angela is alienating Ryan from his buddies.


Will Ryan have to choose between his college pals and his fiancée?

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