You hear about scams all the time " e-mails and voicemails claiming you have won valuable prizes. Dr. Phil is outraged by what some scammers are doing to him, his family and his viewers. One Web site offers a Dr. Phil quiz to win $5,000 every hour, another says it has the official Dr. Phil personality test, but even more shocking are 800 numbers that take callers' money for the promise of over-the-phone therapy with Dr. Phil and Robin. But these 800 numbers connect innocent victims with con artists posing as Dr. Phil staff members. The fake staffers ask anywhere from $375 to $1,000 for consultation time that obviously never takes place.



Falling for the Scam

Renee wrote to Dr. Phil to get advice on her marriage, but instead she found herself sucked into the middle of a major con. And, Debra was desperate for Dr. Phil's help, but all she got was a hefty deduction from her bank account.


"At that point in time, I was like, 'This is not right.'"



Robin Talks to ... Herself?

Robin McGraw calls the 800 number to set up an appointment to talk to herself. Listen in on the conversation, and hear how the scammers prey on the weak and bilk them out of thousands of dollars.


"It's surreal ... You're actually talking about an appointment to talk to you!"



The Sting

Former FBI agent and private investigator Harold Copus joins the case to try and find the scammers. He uses decoys to make phone calls and sets up a high-tech surveillance operation. 


Will Harold and his team locate the scammers?



Don't miss part two of the sting, including Dr. Phil's face to face confrontation with one of the women he believes is a scammer.