The drama continues as Dr. Phil goes on the hunt for con artists who cheat viewers out of thousands of dollars by posing as him and Robin.


See what you missed in Part 1.


On the Trail

Private investigator Harold Copus and his team embark on an intricate plan to try to get some answers. They stake out a psychic's shop, believed to be the base of operations for the scammers.


"We could really be walking into the lion's den."


The Party's Over!

Dr. Phil's crew converts a hotel room into their command center. See what happens when the unsuspecting scammers arrive at what they believe is a bachelorette party.

"If you're a fortune teller, then you ought to see this coming!"



The Real Dr. Phil

Renee, who was allegedly cheated out of thousands by the scammers, finally gets some advice for her marriage woes.




"You're the one who went behind his back and paid $2,500."