Do you know someone who turns your stomach or makes you cringe the minute he or she walks into the room? Dr. Phil talks to guests who say their relative's rude behavior keeps them on edge.



"She Is a Real Psycho"

Dana says her sister-in-law, Terri, calls her "dyke," "bitch," and "whore," and even signed her up as a man on a dating site! Terri calls Dana a liar, and says she tried to hook up her husband with another woman.


Will these sisters-in-law ever stop pointing fingers at each other? 



Teen Terror

Paula says she and her daughter, Dana, live in constant fear of her out-of-control son, Steven. She says he calls her and Dana "f**king bitches" and "retarded," and has even threatened to set their house on fire.


Is Steven's behavior all his fault, or is Paula partially to blame? 

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