Dr. Phil follows up with the aftermath of Krista's allegation that her 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee, is being molested by her father, Jeremy. Jeremy maintains his innocence and brings new evidence to prove it. Will their day in court lead to any resolution? And, is Kaylee still in harm's way or is Jeremy being falsely accused?


See the first show.

Find out the results of the lie detector test.

See their last appearance.



Second Time Around

Jeremy took a polygraph exam performed by the state police in his town. Will an independent polygrapher agree with the state's interpretation? 


Find out the results of Jeremy's second polygraph exam.



Facing Off in Front of a Judge

When Jeremy first appeared on the show, he agreed to supervised visits with Kaylee, but when he got home, he changed his mind. Krista withheld visitation with Kaylee from Jeremy for eight weeks, and he took her to court. 


Will Krista land in jail for denying Jeremy visitation?



Calming Down?

Jeremy finally gets to spend time with Kaylee, and the Dr. Phil cameras capture their visits on tape.  After Kaylee's second visit with him, Krista notices something unusual. 


Have Bonii and Krista turned this into a public battle?