When the holidays come around, checking off wish lists seems like a full-time job. As a parent, you want to give your children everything that he/she wants, but how far would you go to meet your child's demands? Before buying your children everything they ask for, tune in to Dr. Phil's advice.


Do you feel pressured into buying your children everything they want?



Material Girl

Theresa says she is stressed out because her 17-year-old daughter, Bailie, is always asking her to buy expensive things. Theresa has resorted to extreme measures to keep up with Bailie's demands, and says she's at her breaking point.


What's the dark secret Theresa's been ashamed to share?

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Katie says that for the last 24 years she's received everything she has asked for; all she has to do is beg and whine to Daddy. Now, she says her dad is to blame for her own spoiled 4-year-old daughter.


"I will spoil Reilynn forever. I really think that's Grandpa's duty."

Toys for Tots

Dr. Phil and Robin are the 2006 national spokespeople for Toys for Tots. To kick off this year's holiday toy drive, they went to the Texas Motor Speedway.


"If we don't step up and fill the void of these disadvantaged children, they will have nothing at Christmastime." 

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