Do you ever look at your body in the mirror and say, "How did I get this big?" These women watched their weight spiral dangerously out of control, to the point that it almost killed them. Could your weight be a death sentence for you?



Addicted to Food

Angelique, 28, is morbidly obese at over 500 pounds. She's afraid to go to restaurants for fear she will break a chair, sleeps sitting up, and can't even raise her daughter because her size limits her mobility.


What steps can Angelique take to easily lose over 100 pounds?

"I've Been Resurrected!"

DeeDee weighed 750 pounds and could barely make it onstage when she first came to the show. She has been following Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution and has made big changes. 


Do her children still feel trapped by her web of guilt?

Full of Life

Jennifer lost over 160 pounds, but was left with a body of sagging skin, and she could barely look in the mirror. Dr. Phil arranged for her to meet with plastic surgeons, and she is back to show off her new body.


"My body finally resembles how I actually pictured it."

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